Chief Justice of Supreme Court (June 2013- )

Source: Wikipedia File:P Sathasivam.jpgPalanisamy Sathasivam (born 27 April 1949) is the Chief Justice of India. He succeeded Altamas Kabir on 19 July 2013.[1] He is the 40th Chief Justice of India and the second from Tamil Nadu.

Landmark judgements

Justice Sathasivam authored several path-breaking judgements including the Reliance Gas Judgment (May 2010) wherein he emphasised the use of natural resources through public sector undertakings. He observed that “in a national democracy like ours, the national assets belong to the people” and “the government owns such assets for the purposes of developing them in the interests of the people".

He also delivered the verdict in the controversial triple-murder case of Stains and upheld the conviction of Dara Singh.[6] On 19 April 2010, he delivered the judgement in the Jessica Lal murder case of 29 April 1999. Along with Justice B. S. Chauhan, Sathasivam delivered the judgement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, sentencing Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt to five years imprisonment under the Arms Act. Dutt was asked to serve out the remainder of his sentence.[2] According to J. Venkatesan, writing in The Hindu, "In a number of judgements, he [Sathasivam] cautioned the courts against awarding lesser sentence in crimes against women and children and showing undue sympathy towards the accused by altering the sentence to the extent of period already undergone."[2]
Justice Sathasivam did not deliver the Samacheer Kalvi judgement against the Jayalalithaa government, as incorrectly reported in the media; the judgement was delivered by a bench headed by Justice Chauhan.


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